Thursday, August 9, 2007

Childe Roland to the South Park Came

Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" done South Park Style using this site:

Roland Deschain

Walter - The Man in Black

The Crimson King and the Golden Snitch

Mordred Deschain

Father Callahan and the Scrimshaw Turtle at the Dixie Pig

Rhea of the Coos and the Pink Grapefruit of Maerlyn's Rainbow

A Low Man at The Dixie Pig

A Vampire from The Dixie Pig

Susannah Dean (Notice, no legs)

Eddie Dean Pre-Roland

Dinky Earnshaw

Patrick Danville

Walter enters the clearing at the end of the path via Mordred Deschain. (Notice the psychic cap that doesn't work)


Anonymous said...

Very cool Tracy....but Roland still has his gun in the wrong hand :P

Anonymous said...

Haha. These are great.

Only Mordred and Roland should have blue bombardier's eyes.


Ryjek = )> said...

These f***ing Rock but you are missing Jake and OYE! a post-roland Eddie would be sweet too!
= )>

Anonymous said...

Very very nice. Thanks for putting this out there! Wish you could make Oy and Jake though like the other commenter said. :)

dorsey said...

Nice Images my friend. Mostly people south park downloaded because it is very popular tv show. This is my favorite tv show so i want to give you suggestion that you should increase content in this article.

Anonymous said...

just stumbled onto these. good work!