Monday, October 22, 2007

Commercials before movies worse than piracy?

This is an interesting argument from the movie blog.

"If you tell me the movie starts at 7pm, then when I PAY YOU to get into the movies, there is an implied contract that you give me what I paid for...a movie at 7pm. When you instead put up 15-20 minutes of commercials at 7pm you are stealing my time, and also stealing MY SHARE OF THAT $456 MILLION you made off my time."

His argument is basically that he doesn't mind ads in the theater before the start time, but once the lights go down, it's time for trailers for upcoming films and then the movie you paid for. It's not time for "Refreshing filmmaking shorts" presented by Coke, etc. I can't say I disagree. I don't like the commercials before films, but I have learned to deal with them as long as they are not at ear shattering levels. If they are quiet enough that I can have a conversation with the person I came with, without having to yell, I can put up with the ads. But once the start time comes, kill the ads.

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