Monday, October 1, 2007

New Trailer for Pixar's Wall-E

The new trailer for Wall-E comes out tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek from a French website.

There is one short commercial (in French) but then the video trailer will play. I love the new Pixar opening animation with Wall-E helping out the desk lamp.

The great thing about the films from Pixar is that story comes first and foremost, with everything else supporting the story. Their films don't hire celebrities as voice actors, they hire the right voice for the right character. In this case, Wall-E doesn't talk, he just makes robot noises similar to R2D2 in Star Wars. I have heard the first 1/3 or more of the movie has no dialogue, but tells the story through sound (Wall-E's robotic sounds) and facial/body acting.

This trailer is in French, and I understood every bit of it. That's the genious of Pixar.

No release date yet, just sometime 2008. It can't get here soon enough.

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