Friday, November 16, 2007

New Wall*E Poster

I can't wait to see this next year. I am a HUGE Pixar fan, and this film looks to carry on the Pixar tradition of not only amazing visual work, but storytelling with heart and intelligence. Rumor has it, that the first 1/3 or more of the film has no dialogue. It's a film about the last robot on Earth, so Pixar artists communicate his thoughts, feelings and emotions through electronic beeps, and the visual image. It's almost a throwback to the silent films of Keaton or Chaplin. I love this poster, because the face on this animated robot has more emotion, more humanity, more character than a lot of Human faces/posters.

John Lasseter says "It's our first foray into science fiction, which I'm excited about. It's a love story. It's got a lot of heart but it's really appealing. It's less dialogue with the characters but it's really fantastic. The art of animation is about the acting that the character does in the story that you're telling, whether it's with dialogue or pantomime."

It's being directed by Andrew Stanton who was the co-director of "Finding Nemo", but it's also a group effort. As Lasseter explains it: "In those situations we have what we call the creative brain trust which is all the other directors, key story people, and we take a look at the film every three months or so and give comments. We're very honest with each other when it's working and when it's not working. It's about making the movie the best it can be. It doesn't matter whose idea it is."

It's quotes like that, that confirm to me that Lasseter is this generation's Disney. We are in the middle of the new Animation era, and I am so glad that we have people who have the talent, craft and passion that will drive the genre to new and unexpected heights.

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