Monday, November 5, 2007

Writer's Strike Update

Well, the writer's strike in Hollywood is about to get really nasty, really fast. The producer of "The Office" is picketing his own show, and the cast will not cross the picket line. That means, even though they already have scripts written, new episodes won't be produced until the strike is over. That is a major blow to NBC. The trouble for the studios is, that next summer the Director's guild is up for contract negotiations and they have already stated their minimum amount will start at what the writers get. Meaning, if the writers settle for 1.5% on residuals, that will be the minimum that directors will accept. Both sides have a lot at stake here, and the public, unfortunately get stuck in the middle.

Saturday Night Live did a great sketch this weekend breaking down the situation:

This strike will probably not end quickly, or easily, but I think the writers have the stronger hand here. Now the resolve to hold out long enough to win is another issue.

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