Friday, December 7, 2007

Christopher Nolan talks about "The Dark Knight" has released an interview they did with Christopher Nolan about "The Dark Knight". Some very interesting things in there. To read the full article, click here.

IGN: Judging from all the stills we've seen thus far, he hardly ever smiles. Do you think others have misinterpreted the character and thought he was supposed to be funny when he may actually be meant to be more ironic?

Nolan: There are different types of being funny. The sequence you've seen has a very dark sense of humor to it, I think. Very sardonic sense of humor to what he's doing and that's the way in which he's funny. And, yes, it's very easy to confuse that with a lot of smiling and a lot of laughing but what he does in the film is very difficult to capture in stills to be perfectly frank. It's one of the reasons we wanted to show this sequence as well, to get his introduction out there. It's the total package. It's the way he moves, the way he is, it's the way he inhabits the character. I'm just so excited by it. I think people will be really blown away by it.

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