Sunday, January 27, 2008

iTunes is better than tarot cards

The rules are simple: The answers for these questions are whatever song titles come up at random.  All credit to Dennis for this survey

You are known as: " Stoppin' the Love", KT Tunstall (I hope not)
Your parents wedding song: " The Rainbow Connection", Sarah McLachlan (That is just so wrong)
Your funeral song: " Don't Cry", John Wetton (Wow... that's kinda spooky.  That's actually one I would like)
What you think of the world: " To Go Beyond (II)", Enya.
How you're feeling today: " Get Up and Go” Damone
The song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end: " The Best Thing” Relient K
Your boyfriend/girlfriend sings this to you: " Running Down a Dream", Tom Petty
Your theme song: " Simple," Glen Phillips (That's funny)
This should be your screen name: " Who Can It Be Now?” Colin Hay (This survey rules)
How to resolve a fight: " Only Time Will Tell” - Asia (These are all real answers)
This is playing in the background of your first date: "Desperately Wanting” – Better than Ezra. (I’m laughing so hard, I am crying here.  I promise it's on shuffle!)
You get down to: " Cautioners” Jimmy Eat World 
You headbang to this: " One Little Girl” – Toad the Wet Sprocket
Song of escape: " The World I Know” – Collective Soul (That's nice)
Picture this song as an opera: " Panama” – Van Halen (That's quite the visual)
Picture this one as hardcore metal screamo: " Hey Baby” – No Doubt
What happens when you find true love: " Wicked Game” – Chris Issac (Insert jokes here)
Dramatic music: " Roads To Madness” - Queensryche
This morning when you looked in the mirror: " Numb” – Linkin Park (lol)
This song gets your adrenaline rushing: " Stroller Town” – Jonathan Coulton (I knew I was pathetic, but wow...)
You truly hate this song: " Lips like Sugar” - Seal
When you're depressed this one makes it all better: " You to Thank” – Ben Folds
The definition of reality television: " Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” – U2 (This should be the theme song to "Rock of Love II"
You sing this one at the top of your lungs: " Subdivisions” - Rush (Nice choice iTunes!)
Teenage angst theme: " Just Can't Get Enough”- Depeche Mode
Boyfriend/girlfriend issues: " Beauty and the Mess” – Nickel Creek (LOL)
Your marriage song: " Best of You” – Foo Fighters (That's a nice one)
The divorce song: " Lullaby (The Divorce Song)” – Stephen Lynch (I SWEAR THIS REALLY CAME UP NEXT!!!)
Prom song: " Pain Lies on the Riverside” – Live (Oh how true it was)
Summer vacation jam: " Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson (Road trip to southern Utah and TGI Friday's potato chips!)
This is how you feel about life: " Underneath Days” – Bob Mould (Only on bad days)
First day of college: " The Way We Get By” – Spoon (That's funny!)
Overall life theme song: "Might As Well Have Fun” – Alice Peacock (Wow, that was a really great finish)

That's what she said.

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