Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jon Stewart on Hosting the Oscars

The Associated Press held an interview with Jon Stewart and towards the end of the conversation, they had a game of word association. They gave him topics about this year's movies and politics and I have listed them below.
• I drink your milkshake: "My prom."

• Javier Bardem's haircut in "No Country for Old Men": "You never expect a psychopath to have the Dorothy Hamill wedge."

• Unwed teen mother: "Everyone can dream."

• The Writers Guild of America: "Nothing like the writers guild of Argentina."

• British period drama: "British semicolon drama."

• Corrupt corporations: "Somebody's got to sign the check."

• George Clooney: "Dreamboat."

• The female Bob Dylan: "The male Joan Baez."

• The nation's first black president: "Is that including '24'?"

• The nation's first woman president: "Is that including Geena Davis?"

• The nation's 44th white-guy president: "Anybody can grow up to be president, but not really."

• Joan Rivers is not on the Oscar red carpet this year: "And yet she's made out of the same material."

• Nobody has seen this year's movies: "I have screeners."

• The transformative power of the mustache: "It's not just for '70s gay people anymore."

• Edith Piaf: "She's no Yma Sumac."

• Call it, friend-o: "Worst guy to play quarters with in the world."

• Three days until the Oscars: "What?! Why am I talking to you?!"

I am one of the few that thought Jon did a good job a few years back. The segment on "Brokeback Mountain" not being the first gay cowboy film was hysterical. Yes, the show is too long, but I will be watching.

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