Monday, March 24, 2008

Photoshop Disasters

I found this cool new blog called Photoshop Disasters where they point out how a little bit of photoshop can go a long way.

Evidently, Batman is very interested in the window frame

This model and the disembodied hand were the inspiration for the movie "The Grudge"

Someone got too aggressive with the eraser tool at Sports Illustrated

This woman has three hands

Check out the man in the crowd that was cut/paste in several times


Sue London said...

She has three hands AND MY WEDDING DRESS! She must be stopped.

Although if the same model posed for the catalog as well it would explain where the extra hand came from.

Macotar said...

I'm sorry sir, I believe everything I see in media, and the interweb counts as the media. Even though the old media decrys the interweb and says that THEY are the only news source that should be lying to you because they do it more convincingly.