Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's in a name? -UPDATE

The rules: Google your name in quotes with "[my name] is..." and post your ten favorite results. Major props to Dennis for this one. In no particular order, Tracy is:

1.) Tracy is a growing community of nearly 820,00 in the beautiful Central San Joaquin Valley.
2.) Tracy is hilarious on 30 Rock.
3.) Tracy is a wake-up call to the wonders within us all: He is straight to the point and straight to the heart.
4.) Tracy is confronted by two hoods that are going to work him over, when suddenly Hepburn comes out of nowhere to give the two men what they justly deserve.
5.) Tracy is running away.
6.) Tracy is also a longshot to make the Opening Day roster, but he has been able to take batting practice all spring, and worked in the cages through much of the winter, making him closer to being available as a pinch-hitter.
7.) Tracy is Professor of Religion, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine.
8.) Tracy is one of the business development superstars who I feature in this blog and I am always amazed at the scope that he is able to cover.
9.) Tracy is licensed only in California.
10.) Tracy is my hero!

My least favorite result:
Tracy is the eternally pure pre-menstrual nymph who represents the time before the so called Fall from the Garden of Eden.

My wife Lisa has her version:
1.) Lisa is an internationally recognized teacher, presenter, healer and chantress.
2.) Lisa is the Pepsi virtual representative.
3.) Lisa read my mind and put it to music.
4.) Lisa is a very buoyant author!
5.) Lisa is always available in the directory.
6.) Lisa is an internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant who has an amazing ability to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed.
7.) Lisa uses colored pencils to make photorealistic paintings of automotive and motorcycle subjects.
8.) Lisa is a truly outstanding editor.
9.) Lisa proves herself a faithful friend to those who are contemplating the big question: Should we homeschool our kids?
10.) Lisa began taking acting lessons at age 13 and guest- starred in an episode of "St. Elsewhere".

My friend Sue answered the call (check out her blog, she has some fantastic stuff there!) and my favorites were:
Susan is a board game with simple rules, but is trickier to play than one would think
Susan is a most admirable slut

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Mike said...

Ouch... this makes me sad :(

"Mike is..."

First - Mike is a big jerk

Second - Mike is Really Quite Lazy

Sad Panda :(