Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My new band name - Darwin Glass

Here's how the meme goes:  Go to Wikipedia. Click on "random article." The first one that comes up is your band's name. The next is the album title. The next 15 are the songs on the album.  It seems my band is a prog rock band, that pushes artistic boundaries with intelligent and conceptual lyrics and blurs distinctions with exaggerated dynamics.  Yet, we have a sense of humor and love The Simpsons. (See track 12)

Band Name: Darwin Glass
Album Title: Unstabilized Approach
Track Listing:
1) The Disaster Area
2) Party of Democratic Progress
3) BloodSpell
4) Something Stupid
5) Rasputina
6) Dimensional Insight
7) Turgenitubulus tanmurrana
8) Sequence Breaking
9) Ozymandias (Disambiguation)
10) Right Frequency
11) Amorality
12) E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)
13) Open Implementation
14) Martyr's Shrine
15) The Angel of Contention
Thanks to Dennis for this one

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Sue London said...

Yours is awesome! Mine is... weird...