Monday, June 16, 2008

Early Reviews of Wall-E are Starting to Appear

Aint it Cool News ran the first screening of Pixar's latest film Wall-E, and even though formal reviews can't be released yet, due to a press embargo, the early word is extremely positive. For example, one lucky attendee had this to say: "Masterpiece. That's it. That's truth in one word. WALL*E is a masterpiece. It tells its story with economy, with little dialogue, but there is no question what is going on. It's like a Buster Keaton silent film mixed with the wonder of the original STAR WARS and the morals of the best fables, except this moral is an imperative one, and one to which we must pay attention. It's emotional, but not overly so. For children, it is instantly accessible, maybe more so than a film with more dialogue, because it's from the character's actions that the story is propelled. WALL*E and EVE and the rest of the robots are unique characters and they do it with deeds, not words." You can read the full article at

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