Monday, June 9, 2008

New additions to the You HAVE to be kidding me!" file - Environmentalists Edition

Professor Schpinkee's Greenhouse calculator: 

This is an "educational game" that Australia is using to teach kids when they should die in order to not use more than their fair share of greenhouse usage.  According to them, I should have died at age 8.9 and it's demonstrated with a picture of an exploding pig.

You can buy candy bars that offer carbon offset credits

"Marketed as the "first taste of a lower-carbon lifestyle," Bloomsberry donates 55 cents from each bar to TerraPass to pay for 133 pounds of carbon offsets, which is the average American's daily carbon impact.

"We've sold enough in the first quarter that it's comparable to taking 900 cars off the road for a year," said Kerry Laramie, vice president sales and marketing for Bloomsberry's US division.

"That's 9.3 million pounds of carbon offsets."

Beach bonfires may be banned because they fuel global warming
"But at Alki, Nguyen said he'd be OK with banning bonfires.  'By all means, I'd rather not have bonfires than have global warming,' he said."

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