Monday, June 2, 2008

Original script of the pilot episode of LOST

This is a sample of the original script for the pilot episode of LOST:

LOCKE: Hey, while you guys were talking, I found some door in the jungle.

JACK: Did you open it?

LOCKE: Yeah, there was a Scottish guy in there, and I made him stop pressing some button. It just exploded and released a bunch of electromagnetic energy, so the island is visible to the outside world again.

DESMOND: Hi, bruthas. I'm Desmond. I can kinda see the future. Charlie, you're gonna die.

CHARLIE: OK, I'll go swim to an underwater station so we can all get rescued.

DESMOND: Sounds good. Then I can reunite with this chick I liked but got separated from due to her father's meddling. It was kinda like The Notebook.

ROUSSEAU: I found this guy in the jungle.

BEN: My name is Henry Gale!

SAYID: Really?

BEN: No, it's Benjamin Linus. I'm an Other, which means I'm part of this group of people who were on the island before you guys. I was initially part of the DHARMA Initiative, but it was purged by me and other people who have been on the island a long time and may or may not be immortal. It's complicated.

ROUSSEAU: They whisper.

BEN: Right. I'm really manipulative. If you help me escape, Michael, I'll give you back Walt. He makes birds run into doors. I don't like that and neither does Jacob, the cabin-ghost guy who runs this island.

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