Monday, July 14, 2008

The Dark Knight Reviews are coming in

From Entertainment Weekly:
"When Ledger's Joker talks, with those ''Ehhh, what's up, Doc?'' vowels that make him sound like Al Franken crossed with a nerdish pedophile, you realize that the icky sloshing sound you hear is him sucking on his cheeks; he uses his attachment to those scars to fuel his sadistic (and masochistic) whims. This Joker may be a torture freak, but he also has a lost quality, a melancholy hidden within those black-circled eyes. He turns slaughter into a punchline; he's a homicidal comedian with an audience of one — himself. In this, the last performance he completed before his death, Ledger had a maniacal gusto inspired enough to suggest that he might have lived to be as audacious an actor as Marlon Brando, and maybe as great."

From CinemaBlend
"Forget the great things you’ve heard about The Dark Knight. No matter how lavish the praise or how determined the hyperbole, it’s all understatement. The Dark Knight is I suppose the greatest superhero movie ever made, but it’s so far beyond the limited men in tights genre that attempting to compare it with movies like Spider-Man, Superman, or even Batman Begins is almost laughable. Director Christopher Nolan’s film trumps everything and everyone, including himself. It’s not just the best superhero movie ever made, it’s one of the best movies ever to show up in a theater."

Los Angeles Metro Mix:
"The first-ever comic-book-inspired epic, Nolan's sequel blows right past "Batman Begins"—and every other superhero movie ever made—to decimate all preconceived notions about just how accomplished these types of films can be. Impeccably acted, morally complex and crafted with across-the-board technical virtuosity, "The Dark Knight" emerges fully formed as an American crime-movie classic."

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