Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The J.D. Salinger of Canadian Prog Rock Music

RUSH was on the Colbert Report tonight. They had not been on U.S. television for over 30 years! My favorite band, on one of my favorite shows, so that was a nice thing to see. My favorite part was when Colbert was asking questions to the band that were written by his director Jimmy, and one of the questions was "Will you sign my host?" All three members signed Colbert's hand, and then Neil Peart said "I better not see that on EBAY." Classic.  

Another question was "Have you ever written a song so epic, that by the end of the song, you were actually being influenced by yourself in the beginning of the song?"

After the interview, they played Tom Sawyer, but Comedy Central went to commercial part way through.  When they came back from the break, Rush was finishing the song, and Colbert put on a night cap, fluffed his pillow and fell asleep at his desk.  UPDATE:  When the Thursday night show began, Colbert was still asleep at his desk as Rush finished playing.  He then woke up, and thanked the band.  After the opening credits, he was shaving and reading the paper.  Colbert rules.

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Cindi said...

I don't think they need to "cure" Neil's dependence on drums as much as they need to encourage it. That was awesome.