Monday, August 25, 2008

"Tracy Needs" meme

From my good friend Sue at the "Thoughts that get stuck in my head" blog

Go to Google and type your name, the plus sign and needs. Then post your top 10 results. (Your name + Needs)

1) Tracy needs wins to get back in title battle

2) Tracy needs to find the right balance between emotions and logic (That's true)

3) Tracy needs a mirror (This is starting to get personal Sue)

4) Tracy needs to pay more in taxes (OK, now we are going TOO far!)

5) Tracy needs your help and debt advice

6) Tracy needs help in paying his hospital bills, medical expenses (such as continued care), medications, counseling and transportation expenses (I guess this is why I need help with debt advice)

7) Tracy needs to do something about Armas Pittsburgh Pirates. (I am not sure what I should do though)

8) Tracy needs a new doctor. (Because the old Doctor caused answer #6)

9) Tracy needs a new addiction. (Because the old addiction along with the Doctor that prescribed it caused #5 and #6)

10) Tracy needs to cut that mess. (I guess this is related to answer #3)

Great, now my self esteem sucks. Thanks Sue! :)

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