Thursday, October 16, 2008

Such a good night

BYU's football team lost tonight to TCU.  I'm almost sad that they lost...almost.  While it would have been cool to have both Utah and tds (team down south) be undefeated going into the final game of the season, I can't cheer for my arch enemy.  I can't be disappointed that TCU beat them before Utah.  That's like asking Batman to be sad that the Joker was captured by a swat team.  It's like asking Superman to cry that Lex Luthor foiled his own evil plans.  Someone else got them before you did, but you can still beat up on them later, and it will still be just as sweet.

Utah still has to play TCU, but it's in Salt Lake, and Utah has much more speed than tds, so I am cautious, but not overly worried.

The arrogant slogan "Quest for Perfection" that has graced the beer belly of many a tds coed has now been changed. 
 The fans that have been calling local radio shows, and asking what the chance of their team playing for a national championship will now be silenced.  Life is good.


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