Saturday, December 27, 2008

I now see the world through Blu-Ray glasses

I took the leap and dove head first into the world of High Definition this Christmas.  My television only goes to 720, so I don't get 1080, but it's still amazing.  Wall-E is breath taking and when watching The Dark Knight, the portions filmed in IMAX grow to fit the full screen and then goes back to Letterbox format for the rest of the movie.  Very nice touch.   The above comic is from one of my favorite sites  It's a web comic about movies, dvds, Hollywood, etc.  Check them out.

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Mike said...

Welcome to the party... it's awesome. A few that I think look great on Blu are I Am Legend, Planet Earth set, anything Pixar, Nightmare Before Christmas, and I've heard Transformers looks slick but I don't have it.

As a sidenote... are you going to hate me if I said I really liked Wall-e but I think I liked Kung Fu Panda more? :D