Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Love letter to Warner Brothers Studios

Oh Warner I love your studio!

Your studio is a risk taker and you do quality over quantity: you let Chris Nolan set Heath Ledger free in Gotham, you had the Cajones to make Watchmen, your backlot tour is light years better than Universal, etc.

When other studios are fishing from the shore, you are going deep sea fishing. While others are remaking "Underdog" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks". You are going to remake of my favorite childhood films: "Clash of the Titans".

I will admit that when I first heard this, I was not thrilled. It is one of the few "classics" from my childhood that hasn't brought back from the dead, just to be killed with a remake. Most remade films these days are seen as cash cows to kill and feast upon it's opening weekend grosses, and ignore the face that the second week's gross drops by 70%. You are looking to nurture the potential cash cow, and breed it into a franchise. You seem to be looking long term with this remake. You understand the reason the fanboys loved a film in the first place. You take all the good from what was before and breathe new life and love, and restore it to a new level.

Liam Neeson will play Zeus and Ralph Fiennes is Hades.

Oh how very cool is that??? I just had a geekgasm.

I've got your back Warner Brothers...DON'T SCREW THIS REMAKE UP!

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Macotar said...

I can agree to this end. I think if they redo it, they should still do it with stop motion. Go old school. Let computers do the timing.