Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Dark Knight Trailer and poster are here

This is South Park Joker. I think he turned out pretty good.

The Dark Knight Trailer:

I have to eat crow. The viral marketing at Comic Con in San Diego today was absolutely brilliant. They had on-line and on-ground participation, and totally stole the show. The phone call where the man was being held hostage was creepy and intense. The handwritten fonts in the on-line section were amazing. Having people on ground who are participating paint their faces like the Joker...great attention getting and then taking their photos as part of the Joker's wannabe henchmen and then uploading them was insanely creative. Add in "Gotham Surveillance" to capture what was happening on the street, but also give clues to on-line participants was really well done. It all lead to the teaser trailer, and while it is the same trailer that leaked yesterday, it is a high defintion version now.

The dialogue is interesting and Michael Caine nails it. The voice of Ledger as the Joker is much better in the better quality audio and the laugh is especially better. This higher quality teaser along with this new photo is starting to make me really starting to believe Ledger can pull it off.

Here is the teaser poster:

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