Sunday, July 29, 2007

Exploding cans of botulism

The Castleberry company has recalled cans of chili, beef stew and dog food because the cans were not sterilized properly and botulism started to grow in them. It seems that these bugs like to live in moist environments with little to no oxygen and canned food is perfect for them. These bugs eat and reproduce and make gas and waste products that will build up and eventually cause the can to explode. How gross is that? To make it worse, if any of the material from inside the can gets in your eyes, mouth or into an open wound in your skin, you can die. That's a bad day. You go to the cupboard to get a can of chili for lunch, it explodes and with your eyes and mouth open from surprise, you get infected with botulism that will kill you. Ewww....

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