Sunday, July 29, 2007

Images that cameras can see and the human eye can't.

Look closely at the picture above, and see the difference between what the human eye, and the digital cameras see.

There is a new technology that allows you to print in colors that the human eye can't see, but can be seen with the silicon chips used in digital cameras. This opens a lot of options for marketers, and the film industry is looking into putting these colors into films released in theaters. By doing this, people in the audience see the film as normal, but anyone trying to make a digital copy will get all sorts of lines, blurs, etc. I currently hate the practice of putting short colored dots on the movie for a few frames. It happens 4-5 times per movie it seems, and though on screen less than a second, it's really annoying to me. This sounds like a very acceptable alternative. However, the film industry is still missing the forest for the trees as the majority of piracy occurs INSIDE the film industry. Either during post-production, the marketing stages, etc.

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