Thursday, November 8, 2007

Writer's Strike: The Office

This is a clip from the creators of "The Office" talking about why they are on strike. The part that killed me was, last season NBC asked the writers to create a series of episodes made just for the website aka webisodes and they went on to win an Emmy for their work. NBC sold ad space on the online videos, and didn't pay the writers anything for their work. In fact, in what may be the most amazing part, is that NBC didn't even spend the $28 it costs to get an actual Emmy statue. (Winners don't get to keep the award they are handed on stage, they have to buy them) As sad as it will be to not have "The Office" and maybe have "LOST" not air again until 2009,(UGH) I have to side with the writers here. It's not fair that they get no share of internet, phone, or streaming revenue, and then also get squat on DVD sales.

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